The Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) is a definitive system categorizing over 70,000 companies and 75,000 securities worldwide, enabling the comparison of companies across four levels of classification and national boundaries. The ICB system is supported by the ICB Database, an unrivalled data source for global sector analysis, which is maintained by FTSE International Limited.

The ICB Difference

  1. Investor focused - ICB offers increased clarity, better structure and universality to meet the needs of the investment industry.
  2. Comprehensive coverage - ICB covers virtually any equity-related security an investment professional will encounter. A rigorous and transparent rules-based methodology enables accurate and relevant classification, ensuring low inter-sector correlation in any stage of the economic cycle. View the ICB rules here.
  3. Versatility - ICB provides a standardized basis for analysis, stock selection and performance measurement. It aligns with investment research and analysis, numerous exchange-traded products, and services developed by analytical data vendors. It can also be used to drive a search engine or enhance existing data sources.
  4. Global reach - ICB is adopted by stock exchanges representing over 65% of the world’s market capitalization, including NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ OMX, London Stock Exchange, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, Singapore Stock Exchange, Athens Exchange, Cyprus Stock Exchange and Kuwait Stock Exchange.
  5. Relevant to investors - The industry and supersector tiers are designed to reflect and facilitate sector-based investment strategies.
  6. Representative - Independent management combined with input from research teams based in each major region allows ICB to reflect the global industrial landscape and provides the reassurance of accurate representation and continued growth and monitoring of the market.
  7. Accurate and timely - The accuracy, quality and timeliness of the data make it a very reliable reference source for validation, compliance and other reporting processes.
  8. Efficient and effective - ICB is a single data source, removing the need for users to maintain individual databases or undertake costly and time-consuming sector research.